December 8, 2009

I found this great stopped motion.. It’s really something to aspire to. The artist, Donato Sansone, must have spent weeks figuring out this giant map of cut paper. His illustrations aren’t extremely detailed, but I don’t really think they need to be to get the point across, and besides, the camera moves too fast to really take in all that information anyway. What I like most about this video is that he incorporates his hands with the images. Usually with illustrated stop motions, the artist will do their best to keep their hands out of it so it doesn’t take away from the experience. However, Sansone has done just the opposite. He made his illustrations require his hands… pulling characters and even slicing a page open with a knife. If he had removed himself, I don’t think I would be able to appreciate his video as much; it would just be a cartoon. This is so much more, a non-linear map on the floor that opens and folds between interactions.


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