I’ll Eat You Up!

November 14, 2009


Most of us have heard about Spike Jonze’s recreation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Thing’s Are, but there is more to the story. Father of young actor, Max Records (9 at the time of the production), was also going on a journey on his own– letting his son off on his own. During the entire production, Shawn Records (Max’s father) documented his personal journey through photography and published it as a book. This however, may be a letdown to those who are looking for more insight into Where The Wild Things are, since it is about Shawn Records’ own personal struggles, anxiety, fears, and finally, reassurances on set.

The book is to be released in late October by Publication Studio.


I haven’t read it myself (seeing as it is $120), but it seems to me that Shawn Records might be wrong about having not much to do with Where The Wild Things Are’s script. In the film, Max’s adventure turns out to be filled with anticipation, self-doubt, and an awful lot of hopelessness; not far from where I can imagine Shawn Records’ personal story goes. In the end, Max realizes that everyone has the same problems and feelings, and that it is just a matter of accepting them, dealing with them correctly, and moving on. Behind the scenes is basically the same as on screen sometimes– Records is just offering another view.



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