Buy a Sheep

October 6, 2009

I visited the sheep market a while back, a website created by Aaron Koblin in 2006. He hired 10,000 online workers to each draw a single sheep facing left. What is most interesting to me is the artistic skill of each person. Some sheep look like dinosaurs and dogs… very few actually look like sheep. Some even face right. Perhaps this is due to the 2 cent motivation each worker had… A lot of these look like they were drawn relatively quickly and the instructions were paid very little attention.

Sheep 1Sheep 2sheep 3

Also, with the amount of sheep (10,000– yikes!) it is very difficult to find a sheep that you’ve viewed before. Every time I visit this website, I always find something new and can never find an older sheep again. I wonder if any of the workers came back to find their sheep. I would probably want to. And, as Drake pointed out, Aaron Koblin also sold stamps and stickers of these sheep, and all of them sold out. Very successful website.


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